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DIY Halloween Pails.

Hello! Welcome back to my blog. I wanted to share with you all a project I did for my grandsons. I made them custom halloween pails for their candy. Here is what they look like.


I bought the pails at Hobby Lobby for like 4.00 each. I then used my Cricut Explore Air to design and cut out the vinyl. I love how they turned out. The kids loved them and I’m that they can keep them and use them for as long as they can.

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Halloween With the Grandkids.

It’s been awhile since I have posted on my blog. Well I just wanted to share a few photos of my grandsons. They spent the weekend with us and we had plans to keep them busy.

Saturday we took them to an outdoor market to go trick or treating. We got them all dressed up in their costumes. Anthony who is 5 was a pirate and Jerry who is going to be 3 in December was also a pirate. They look so cute in their costumes.

We arrived at the market and started trick or treating. There were a lot of kids all dressed up and walking around. It was nice to see all the families with their kids out. Well after walking around for about 30 minutes Jerry was getting tired so we put him in the stroller and he fell asleep. Poor little guy! Anthony was having a great time and he collected a good amount of candy. He was excited to get home so he could eat some.img_0358img_0359


I  have another grandson who lives out-of-state. He lives in Fort Campbell with my son andhis wife.  He is 2 years old and his name is Sebastian. My son sent me pictures of Sebastian in his costume. I really miss him but that’s ok were going to go visit them during Thanksgiving. I’m s excited and I can’t wait!


Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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November Challenge NaBloPoMo

So this will be a test for me to see If blogging is for me. I am committing myself to post a  blog everyday for the whole entire month of November. I like many other bloggers have joined the NaBloPoMo challenge. I think it will be fun and interesting to see what I can write about.

This will be my first post for November 1, 2013. Yesterday was Halloween and all my kids are over the age of 19 so out of 4 of them only 2 dressed up and went out. I have a son who with his girlfriend and her son went out trick or treating and dressed for the occasion. I tool pictures and will post them below. My daughter had half her face painted and went out with friends. The Mr. and I stayed home and handed out candy, I was shocked to notice there were not a lot of kids out this year. We still had a bunch of candy left over from last night, I’m sure my other kids will enjoy candy for a few weeks.

I just checked a preview of this blog and I guess me posting this blog this late say’s it’s November 2, well that kind of sucks I wanted to start it off right. oh well! Here are the pictures from yesterday I think that little Buzz Lightyear is adorable as can be.

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NaBloPoMo November 2013