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Time With My Grandkids.

I love when my husband and I have the grandkids for the weekend. Our house is so quiet now a days. It’s good to hear little voices and looking at them and just so full of love. They absolutely fill my heart with so much love.

We took them to the park the other day. They have so much energy I had to  keep up. Then after about an hour we took them to our community park where they had a splash pad and we just let them loose to play in the water. They had a great time. Take a look at the pictures I took.

Family Life

Some Good News.

I have twin boys. One is expecting his first child in December with his girlfriend. The other twin just recently married on Oct 12, 2013. We had our family Sunday dinner and it was just amazing to have my kids close by where we can still have family dinners when we can. Anyways the twin that just got married came up to us with his wife and said we have some good news and I just knew. yep!! They are expecting as well. So I’m having 2 grandbabies within 7 months of each other. Wow talk about instant grandma.