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The Journey Begins.

A few months ago I started on a journey to change my life. I was over weight, not happy with how I looked. I felt depressed and just didn’t want to do anything. It all started with a visit to my doctor. I wasn’t feeling well and while I was seeing my doctor. I was told that my blood pressure was really high and was given a prescription for medication. He told me that I needed to change my lifestyle and that high blood pressure was the number one silent killer in the US. That day was the first day of my Healthy life.

I started nutritional cleansing. It’s basically 2 shakes a day, 2 snacks at 150 calories and a healthy clean meal of 600 calories. I also had vitamins and supplements that helped me with energy, stress and sleep. After about 4 days of using this system I felt different. I could feel the energy and I was sleeping a full night sleep. I was feeling better and I wasn’t feeling hungry.

After the 30 days I weighed myself and I measured. I was in shock. I lost 13.6 lbs and 20 inches combined. I don’t think I could of done this on my own, this system has changed my life in so many ways.  I feel amazing and I’m on my way to a better me. The pictures below are my before pictures when I started.


Mother’s Day.

I had a wonderful day with my family. It was Mother’s day yesterday. I am a mother and grandmother. I have 4 adult children who have touched my heart in so many ways.  I’m proud of each and everyone of them. They are their own person and have grown to be responsible adults and I couldn’t be prouder. I was only able to spend time with two of my kids yesterday.  One of my kids lives in another state so that was kind of hard at first not having him around all the time. The other had to work, which I understand.

I did take my mother out as well.  We all enjoyed dinner at the Yard House. It was a nice little dinner with my mother and her husband, myself and my husband, My two sons and their girlfriends and my two adorable grandsons. It was a pleasant night with my family.

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DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

Hello everyone!  So I wanted to make a Christmas wreath and I came across a DIY coffee filter wreath. So I went our and bought the supplies.

  • Coffee filters about 3 packs which had 150 per a pack so a little over 300 filters
  • Hot glue gun
  • Craft of floral ring. I used the large one about 18in.
  • Mixing spoon this is optional it helped me to keep the filters held down with the hot glue gun and not burn myself. I used the handle portion. img_1136img_1137img_1138img_1139So with this spoon I flipped it over and used the handle. See pictures below. Then on the end of the filter I added hot glue and stuck it onto the craft ring. It took a very long time. I had to glue each individual filter so off and on it took me about 2 days to complete.

    img_1161This is the wreath all done! I love how it turned out! It just took a little time to make and I would do it again maybe next time choose a smaller ring. Thanks for stopping by.

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Time With My Grandkids.

I love when my husband and I have the grandkids for the weekend. Our house is so quiet now a days. It’s good to hear little voices and looking at them and just so full of love. They absolutely fill my heart with so much love.

We took them to the park the other day. They have so much energy I had to  keep up. Then after about an hour we took them to our community park where they had a splash pad and we just let them loose to play in the water. They had a great time. Take a look at the pictures I took.

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DIY Halloween Pails.

Hello! Welcome back to my blog. I wanted to share with you all a project I did for my grandsons. I made them custom halloween pails for their candy. Here is what they look like.


I bought the pails at Hobby Lobby for like 4.00 each. I then used my Cricut Explore Air to design and cut out the vinyl. I love how they turned out. The kids loved them and I’m that they can keep them and use them for as long as they can.