Fan Girl Moment.

Early this year I received a call from The Ellen Show about tickets  I signed up for. I heard it was really hard to get tickets for her show because everyone loves her. I was so happy and couldn’t believe it!  I actually have tickets to her show.

            It was February 11, 2013 and we arrived at the Warner Brothers Studios where the studio audience has to check in and wait. They gave us our numbers and I think it was fate. The number I received was 22. I was born on the 22nd so it was definitely my lucky number.

            When Ellen finally came out to start her show it was such an surreal  feeling being there in person. I just took it all in and I almost was in tears. I was so happy to finally see her live. I will never forget the way I felt seeing her come out and talk to the audience it was ahhhhmazing!!

            The guest on that show was Bruno Mars, he’s such a talented artist, love all his music and he just has the cutest smile. It was the show where they did a fake prom for a high school girl who asked him to prom, but he couldn’t go because of his schedule so Ellen decided to have a little prom of their own, it was actually cute!

            I definitely had the time of my life. I’m so thankful and truly blessed to have had the chance to see her.  I can check this off my bucket list!

ellen3 ellen4 ellensign theellenshow2


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