Family Life

Accidents Happen.

I have a son who is 20 years old. He seems to be the one that gets him self into situations that are somewhat normal to another person, but for him he tends to get hurt. An example would be on Wednesday he was at work and he works at a small little restaurant as a busser. He was behind the bar drying glasses and I guess he didn’t know his strength and or his hand was just too big for the glass and it shattered and cut and sliced a part of his skin on his thumb. It was a huge chunk that was cut. They rushed him to the back and tried to stop the bleeding as much as they could and then he fainted.  When he came too he saw the open wound and he said it looked like he could see his bone. His brother took him to the emergency room and they took a look at it and it was actually the tendon that was visible. The Doctor said that he was lucky a few more inches and it would have sliced it. They had to stitch it on the inside and tried to stitch it on the outside but some of his skin was missing. I actually did not see it or was not there.  I get emotional when ever one of my kids get hurt so dad had to take this one and he reported back to me.

            He is fine now. Went to a hand surgeon yesterday to look over the stitching the ER did just to make sure everything was good. He goes back in 2 weeks to remove the stitches.

            Since it’s November I’m so very much thankful that my son was not seriously injured and he could still use his hand and I’m thankful that my husband was here to be with him this time.


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