Military Brat

I’m A Military Brat.

Growing up as a military brat you get to travel to places all over the world. I have been to several places and as a kid you didn’t know any better to take in the sights and the culture and the food. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and just take everything in differently. I would have taken more pictures, learned to speak the languages, made long lasting friends, collected recipes along the way.

Now that I’m over 40 and I’m doing a little bit of traveling I’m definitely getting everything I missed when I was younger. I love taking pictures of everything sometimes my husband hates taking me places can we can never get anywhere on time cause I have to take pictures of every little thing.

One day I want to go back to where I grew up and just remember the times where I had fun and didn’t have to care or worry about anything. Those were the good old days.  The first place would be the Philippines it’s where I was born. I think the last time I was there was back in July of 1989. The second place is Guam. I went to Elementary school all the way to my freshman year in high school. Then we moved to Okinawa, Japan and started my sophomore year and graduated at Kubasaki High School in 1990. Those were the best years of my life growing up.

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