Crafts and Things

Went From Boring to Bam!

Hello! This will be a crafty blog. I came across a few empty glass vases I have collected over the years while my husband was deployed he would send me the occasional flowers for those special days he’d missed while be away.

I took them out and just looked at them for a while thinking what can I do with these? My mind started to come up with so many different ideas I couldn’t contain myself.  I didn’t want to go buy anything the point was to not spend money so I choose to paint one of the vases with the paints I already had in my cabinet. I choose 3 colors, Teal, Hot Pink, and a dark Red. All I did was just take one color at a time a swirl inside of the vase let it stand for about an hour take the next color and swirl over the first and so on. Finally after it dried it was beautiful and sits on my dresser  next to my little owl.

I have 5 more vases to think about what to do with them oh the possibilities are endless.

Boring to Bam!


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