Family Life

The Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge

Today was an absolutely a fun day for my family.  We signed up for the ROC Race, it’s the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge fun 5K. It was just my husband and I with our two oldest kids Leilani who’s 22 and Justin who is 20.

This 5K had the world’s largest inflatable water slide, Gorilla Bars, Tarzan Swing, Belly Flop Drop, Wrecking Ball, Worlds Largest Moon Bounce, Foam of Fury, Tight Rope Traverse, Cool Running’s, Aqua Drag. One of the best fun 5K events I have ever been too by far.  I would say that this and the Color Run would have to be my favorites.

It was fun to see a lot of people in their costumes, they encourage you and your team to dress up for prizes, we saw a lot of Super Hero’s, those yellow Minions, and a few Ninja Turtles and of course the Neon colors were everywhere.

Well it was a good day and I’m exhausted. I’m glad I made it though this 5K without getting hurt. I did see a few people in the first aid tent.  All in all I can check this off my Bucket list, now lets see what is next on that list till then I say goodnight

Rocrace1 rocrace2 rocracefinishline rocraceshirt rocracewreckingballs


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