Choosing Themes.

How can you just pick one theme?  Since I just started my blog I have gone through maybe 10 different themes. I’m so indecisive when it comes to choosing the right one. So a quick question for all you bloggers out there what is it that you look for in a theme? Can you give me top 5 things you need to have or want when choosing your theme? I am a newbie so I just wanted to get some ideas and maybe it will help me in choosing the right theme for me.


4 thoughts on “Choosing Themes.”

  1. For me, they are–not in any particular order:
    1. The look of the sample
    2. The widgets
    3. Flexibility of the customization for colors, fonts, etc.
    4. What I feel I need (i.e. some themes are for highlighting images or music, etc).
    5. What feels right

  2. Holoholo Girls is a collaborative effort, so here were the criteria for our selection:
    1) Magazine style front page, to showcase each of the stories separately
    2) “Cleanness” and look of the theme
    3) Widget placement and options
    4) Customization options, in the form of fonts and color (I too am fickle and can change things up a lot, but if your theme has good bones, you can be happy with just changing fonts and color)
    5) Flexible enough to make major enhancements, when we’re ready.

    Good luck on finding the theme that works for you!

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