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November Challenge NaBloPoMo

So this will be a test for me to see If blogging is for me. I am committing myself to post a  blog everyday for the whole entire month of November. I like many other bloggers have joined the NaBloPoMo challenge. I think it will be fun and interesting to see what I can write about.

This will be my first post for November 1, 2013. Yesterday was Halloween and all my kids are over the age of 19 so out of 4 of them only 2 dressed up and went out. I have a son who with his girlfriend and her son went out trick or treating and dressed for the occasion. I tool pictures and will post them below. My daughter had half her face painted and went out with friends. The Mr. and I stayed home and handed out candy, I was shocked to notice there were not a lot of kids out this year. We still had a bunch of candy left over from last night, I’m sure my other kids will enjoy candy for a few weeks.

I just checked a preview of this blog and I guess me posting this blog this late say’s it’s November 2, well that kind of sucks I wanted to start it off right. oh well! Here are the pictures from yesterday I think that little Buzz Lightyear is adorable as can be.

20131031-DSC_0038-1 20131031-DSC_0128-1 20131031-DSC_0144-1-2 20131031-DSC_0142-1



NaBloPoMo November 2013


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