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A Trip To Paradise.

One of my favorites places to go is the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I have been there twice and loved it both times. We went last year to meet up with my husband’s family, sort of a small mini family reunion. We rented a huge beautiful home that had an amazing view.
     We stayed for a week and wow when your having fun boy does time fly and I couldn’t believe it went so quickly. We went to El Morro Castle. That was a really beautiful place to visit with so much history and a lot of walking. I definitely got my exercise in for that day. We also walked down town in Old San Juan and did a little shopping and eating.

Love the #Color and the #texture of old #buildings.

#walking #old #sanjuan #puertorico 

A #beautiful day at the #beach

A view of #sanjuan #puertorico 

Meet my little friend the #green #iguana 

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