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My First 5K.

So keeping up with being physically fit and  healthy I decided to sign up for my first ever 5K event. I don’t know if this counts because it was a fun run. I signed up for the COLOR RUN.  My daughter and I along with her friend signed up and we bought cute socks and tutu’s and they gave us shirts, and headbands and sunglasses in our little party bag. 

     The day of the race it started raining, but they said rain or shine they still run the race. It was actually fun running in the rain. I didn’t run the full 5K but we finished in under an hour so I couldn’t be more happier and running through the color was so much fun but with it being all wet the color mixed into this ugly green color by the end of the event. 
     At the finish line they had a big party with a dj and everyone dancing and screaming and throwing more powdered color all over the place. 
The Color Run was so much fun!

We are totally doing it again in January 2014.


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