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Working On Me.

So from 2011 to current, I have been focusing on my health and trying to loose weight and eat healthy and working out. I joined Jenny Craig my first weigh in was so terrible I couldn’t believe how unhealthy I was. It totally put my life in perspective and pushed me to be a more healthier person. It was Dec 30, 2011 that changed my life. I stepped on the scale and it read 211 lbs. I was wearing a size 20 and I was in denial. I finally pushed myself and I couldn’t be more happy with my results. It was not easy and it took a lot of will power in me to watch what I eat and to exercise on a daily basis.
     As soon as I saw the weight coming off each week at my weigh in, I knew I could do this and keep going and pushing myself even more. I could finally see the weight coming off and the way my clothes were fitting as well. Everything in my closet was getting too loose to wear I was finally on the right path.

     I am currently still to this day working on me. It’s a struggle each day, its a lifestyle change and I constantly have to watch what I eat and try and fit my workouts in when I can.
As of today I’m a size 12 and weigh 175 I’m at a comfortable place but I’m still trying to loose a bit more weight. I would like to get down to 155 and like a size 8 would be my goal. It’s an everyday battle but I’m definitely not quitting.
This is me today! Happy, healthy and loving life.

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