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One of The Best Days of My Life.

One of the best memories of this year was finally getting that call from The Ellen Show. I  started searching for tickets on line since October of 2012. I was trying to get tickets to the 12 Days of Giveaways, but they say that’s the hardest days to get tickets for because everyone wants those tickets, but who can blame them I wanted them too. 
     On Feb 4, 2013 I finally received a call from The Ellen Show asking me if I still wanted tickets to the show. I said “Are you kidding me of course I want tickets” He then explained that I will be getting a letter by mail explaining the details and said “See you on Feb 11″ I then replied ” Thank you so much!” 
     The words can’t explain how it felt seeing Ellen in person. I love Ellen!!! She is an amazing person in and out and she cares about people. I was so excited and just overwhelmed with emotion I almost cried, but I didn’t I kept my composure and just took it all in. 

Outside at The Ellen Show.
Finally made it to The Ellen Show!
Screen shot of when they aired the show! I brought my mother and my daughter.
This meant something to me as 22 is my birth date. It was fate!
 My mother and I waiting to get into The Ellen show.

Best day ever was on Feb, 11, 2013. 

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