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A Trip To Paradise.

One of my favorites places to go is the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I have been there twice and loved it both times. We went last year to meet up with my husband’s family, sort of a small mini family reunion. We rented a huge beautiful home that had an amazing view.
     We stayed for a week and wow when your having fun boy does time fly and I couldn’t believe it went so quickly. We went to El Morro Castle. That was a really beautiful place to visit with so much history and a lot of walking. I definitely got my exercise in for that day. We also walked down town in Old San Juan and did a little shopping and eating.

Love the #Color and the #texture of old #buildings.

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A #beautiful day at the #beach

A view of #sanjuan #puertorico 

Meet my little friend the #green #iguana 
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Just A Bunch Of Hot Air Balloons.

So in Arizona they have a few festivals with hot air balloons. I went to my first one last year and was amazed how big these balloons are in person. I saw the whole set up from when they arrive, setting and rolling out the balloon on the ground. Starting up the hot air contraption not sure what’s its called but anyways. It was really cool seeing how its done from getting out to getting it up in the air.
     One of these days I will have enough guts to get in one and fly over Arizona, but for now I will just enjoy the view from the ground.

 I love how they look at night with them all glowing in the air. 

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My First 5K.

So keeping up with being physically fit and  healthy I decided to sign up for my first ever 5K event. I don’t know if this counts because it was a fun run. I signed up for the COLOR RUN.  My daughter and I along with her friend signed up and we bought cute socks and tutu’s and they gave us shirts, and headbands and sunglasses in our little party bag. 

     The day of the race it started raining, but they said rain or shine they still run the race. It was actually fun running in the rain. I didn’t run the full 5K but we finished in under an hour so I couldn’t be more happier and running through the color was so much fun but with it being all wet the color mixed into this ugly green color by the end of the event. 
     At the finish line they had a big party with a dj and everyone dancing and screaming and throwing more powdered color all over the place. 
The Color Run was so much fun!

We are totally doing it again in January 2014.

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Working On Me.

So from 2011 to current, I have been focusing on my health and trying to loose weight and eat healthy and working out. I joined Jenny Craig my first weigh in was so terrible I couldn’t believe how unhealthy I was. It totally put my life in perspective and pushed me to be a more healthier person. It was Dec 30, 2011 that changed my life. I stepped on the scale and it read 211 lbs. I was wearing a size 20 and I was in denial. I finally pushed myself and I couldn’t be more happy with my results. It was not easy and it took a lot of will power in me to watch what I eat and to exercise on a daily basis.
     As soon as I saw the weight coming off each week at my weigh in, I knew I could do this and keep going and pushing myself even more. I could finally see the weight coming off and the way my clothes were fitting as well. Everything in my closet was getting too loose to wear I was finally on the right path.

     I am currently still to this day working on me. It’s a struggle each day, its a lifestyle change and I constantly have to watch what I eat and try and fit my workouts in when I can.
As of today I’m a size 12 and weigh 175 I’m at a comfortable place but I’m still trying to loose a bit more weight. I would like to get down to 155 and like a size 8 would be my goal. It’s an everyday battle but I’m definitely not quitting.
This is me today! Happy, healthy and loving life.
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One of The Best Days of My Life.

One of the best memories of this year was finally getting that call from The Ellen Show. I  started searching for tickets on line since October of 2012. I was trying to get tickets to the 12 Days of Giveaways, but they say that’s the hardest days to get tickets for because everyone wants those tickets, but who can blame them I wanted them too. 
     On Feb 4, 2013 I finally received a call from The Ellen Show asking me if I still wanted tickets to the show. I said “Are you kidding me of course I want tickets” He then explained that I will be getting a letter by mail explaining the details and said “See you on Feb 11″ I then replied ” Thank you so much!” 
     The words can’t explain how it felt seeing Ellen in person. I love Ellen!!! She is an amazing person in and out and she cares about people. I was so excited and just overwhelmed with emotion I almost cried, but I didn’t I kept my composure and just took it all in. 

Outside at The Ellen Show.
Finally made it to The Ellen Show!
Screen shot of when they aired the show! I brought my mother and my daughter.
This meant something to me as 22 is my birth date. It was fate!
 My mother and I waiting to get into The Ellen show.

Best day ever was on Feb, 11, 2013.