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Monday’s WOW

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Dog Day Afternoon!

     Just a lazy Sunday afternoon with the doggies! We have 2 American Bulldogs. The white with brindle spots is Harley she is 12 yrs old and terrible sweet! Loves to play. The other one is Otis he is Harley’s son, he’s 5 and just a big old boy who thinks he’s a lapdog. Alway’s wants to climb up on you.

Harley loves playing with the water.

Otis trying to bite the hose gun.

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Model for a day.

     When I first started to take interest in photography and I needed models to practice with, guess who was my first choice? My daughter… Leilani. I just wanted to post a few pictures of her and say thank you to her for always helping me out with my photography. Your a beautiful person inside and out and I’m so proud of you for the person you have become.